Patch Graft

Patch graft is a grafting technique that use only bark from the scion and grafting it the the root stock. Unlike the whip and tong or cleft graft which woody part of the scion are grafting on the the root stock. Compared to the t-bud graft and chip graft, the patch graft might have better chance of success because the contact surface is larger. here is how I do it:

  1. Cut a rectangle shape on the scion wood.
  2. use a grafting knife or surgical scalpel to separate bark from the scion wood. The batch need to include a leaf bud some where close to the middle of the patch. I usually cut a slightly bigger piece and trim off the edges to make it a perfect rectangle.
  3. use the patch from the scion wood as the template cut the slightly smaller patch from the root stock, the patch will need to be the same height but slightly narrower. Use similar procedure the remove the bark.
  4. use the grafting knift to separate one side of the bark on the root stock to form a slot. This is where you will insert the batch into
  5. Adjust the patch over the other side to align with the edge of the cut out on the root stock.
  6. Apply the parafilm over the batch to secure the patch over the rootstock.
Patch Graft

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