Treating mold on fig cuttings

To encourage faster rooting, the fig cuttings are growing in a very humid environment. It’s very easy to grow mold especially if the cutting was not cleaned up properly. Several days ago, I noticed some white mold growing on the one of the cuttings.

My first attempt is hydrogen peroxide. I have been using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning all my cutting. This is my first choice. Immediately after spraying with hydrogen peroxide. The white bubbles are forming. I know that it’s working. Unfortunately, it come back the couple days later.

Next, I tried Physcan20. This is the general purpose cleaning solution and fungicide. The solution is very concentrated. It’s one tea spoon per gallon. I made the solution using the 500mL bottle so it’s 5 mL. I used the syringe to draw up 5mL and dispense into 5oomL water. Shack for couple minutes and apply the solution with tissue paper. The effect? very much like H2O2, it came back in couple days.

Finally, I tried to use the most aggressive treatment: breach. I tear a small piece of the tissue paper and dip into the Clorax solution (from the left over wipe container. There are still plenty of Clorax on the bottom of the container. I wrap the Cloraxed tissue paper over the molded cutting and let it work for an hour before putting it back to the humidity bin. Three days later, there is no mold.

Treating mold on fig cuttings

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