Pre-root the Cuttings – Zip Lock Bag Method

  1. Clean the cuttings under water and use light brush if necessary.
  2. Remove the wood from either end until remove all the dead tissues
  3. Prepare the rooting media (Sphagnum Moss or Coco coir)
    • Stir water in the rooting media and let it soaked for 30 minutes
    • Squeeze excess water from the rooting media (need to squeeze really hard until no more water comes out.
    • Please the rooting media in a zip lock bag (or shoe box)
  4. Stick the cutting in the rooting media
  5. Add more rooting media until the cuttings are completely covered
  6. Close the zip lock bag
  7. Store the zip lock bag in a warm location (either closet or on the top of the refrigerator). The ideal rooting temperature is 75 – 80 degree F.
  8. Check the cutting in couple weeks to see any root formation. Open the bag occasionally but do not disturb the cuttings
  9. Plant the cuttings in a pot once you see many roots are forming at the bottom of the cuttings.
Pre-root the Cuttings – Zip Lock Bag Method

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