Fig pop method

Fig pop is relatively trouble free method for rooting fig. It’s less hustle then the cup method since you don’t have to worry about watering until the cutting is well rooted. The materials are also very simple. You will just need a plastic bag and a rubber band. Once set up, you can just leave it there until it roots. here is how:

  1. Clear the cuttings with Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. Let the cuttings dry and score the bottom end of the cuttings with grafting knife
  3. Prepare the rooting media. I use 1.5 cups of pine bark find (soil conditioner), 1 cup of Pro Mix BX and 1/2 cup of perlite – I use a little bit less Pro mix BX (only 1/3 of the total volume) because the water retention is better in the fig pop
  4. Moisten the rooting media with 1/2+ cup of water (the rooting media vs water ratio is about 5:1) Don’t add too much water, this can cause the root rot.
  5. Fill the plastic bag with rooting media about the half way
  6. Apply the rooting hormone on the bottom end of the cuttings.
  7. Insert the cutting in the fig pop
  8. Gentilly twist the bag around the cutting and tie it up with rubber band
  9. Let the cutting stay in the dark warm place, wait for them to root.
  10. Up pot it to one gallon pot once you see enough roots and top growth.
Fig pop method

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