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Here in metro Atlanta, winter is usually mild, compared to other northern state. The temperature can still dip down to low 20s once or twice a year – I had even encounter high teens several times during the last 20 years in northern Georgia. In that case, the trees need some protection. Many figgers stores their figs in the garage overwinter when all the leaves dropped. That’s certainly a good way to take a break for your tree (and you too) but I have decided to keep my fig tree growing for couple reasons: They are one or half year old tree. They don’t take up much space. I really want to keep them growing over the winter so they can have a head start. There are several fig trees already bearing fruits – I really want to taste them.

My indoor grow tent is a VIPARSPECTRA 96”x48”x80”Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent. The grow tent is very roomy for one year old tree. I am able to fit about sixteen one year old tees in three / five gallon pots and additional twenty in one gallons and another twenty rooted cuttings in 32oz/half gallon cup or grow bag.

VIPARSPECTRA 96”x48”x80”Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Grow Light
Multiple Grow Lights
Build a small platform at the entrance
Vent and Light
Air Vent

It's a small space but it fits lots of plants
It’s a small space but fits lots of plants
I even set up an air layering that produce a baby fig tree for me!
Socorro Black is Setting Fruits
Socorro Black
I did not add heat. It’s the room temperature in my basement.

In door growing is a great way to extend your season or if you to push the first year plant growing through the winter indoors. there do have a few things that we

need to pay attention to:

  • Fungus gnat: This is a pesky, annoying insets. The grow in the wet soil. I am not sure they actually eating the roots but I find out that they are eating the rotten roots when I keep them too wet. I used mosquito dump. I break the pieces apart and soak them in the water and water them into whenever I water the plants. I also use glue tape to catch them.
  • Spider mites: Those tiny little mites are my biggest concern for my indoor operation. They can reproduce quickly. It’s only take them a look to give birth to hundreds of babies. It’s usually not reversible when the damage the leave. The damaged leaves lost ability of photosynthesis and the tree lost it’s vigor. I use insecticide soap plus neem seed oil spay. I had one outbreak and it took me three spray in the interval of every five todays to keep them in check.
  • Ventilation: This is necessary to keep the air flow. I have an eight inch vent fan install in the growing tent. I install the vent in on the top in one end and open the other end at the bottom so the air can flow across the tent.
  • Grow light: Figs need light. Lots of light to grow. My intention is to keep them stay awake, not for fast growing. I have three LEG natural grow lights. The reason for small three grow lights rather than one big one is that I can have lights coming from different directors. Everyone plants are covered. Grow light are just like natural sunlight. Looking at them directly can damage your eyes. Wear a sunglass will protect your eyes.
Fungus Gnat
Fungus Gnat

Equipments & materials that I am using:

Indoor Growing

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